A downloadable game for Windows

Become the flappy bird! This game requires you to use your Leap Motion device to flap your hand in front of the screen to make the bird fly.

CONTROLS (Important)

There is an indicator on the left. It shows the height of your hand. Lower your hand to the bottom of the indicator to push your wings down. Raise your hand to the top of the indicator to raise your wings. The DOWN -> UP motion will make your bird flap.

If you don't have a leap motion you can use your spacebar.

Web Link

Play the game by going here: http://s7aesis.github.io/FlappyLeap/

Install instructions

Unzip the folder. Inside there is an executable named "FlappyLeap.exe". Run this. If it asks you to allow network access say yes. (JavaScript libraries get downloaded from the Internet.)


FlappyLeap-win32-ia32.zip 37 MB

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